Documents required for preparing a widow / widower pension scheme

  • Widow / widower's letter letter (to be recommended by the Grama Niladhari) to prepare the widows '& orphans' pension.
  • Original marriage certificate
  • The original of the contributor's death certificate
  • Birth certificate of the widow / widow husband
  • Completed PD 4 form
  • Passport-size color image 1 (3 ¼ x 2 ¼ size)
  • 1 certified copy of the front page of the widow / widower's passbook (certified by the manager of the bank and should not be a joint account)
  • A copy of the widow / widower's ID of the widow / s / widower (to be certified by Grama Niladhari)
  • Residence certificate obtained from Grama Niladhari      An affidavit if there is a difference in name           
  • The widow / widower's declaration
  • If the addressee has had the previous marriage, how the marriage ended (the definitive judgment / pre-marriage certificate of divorce)

Documents required for preparation of a disability pension

  • Original copies of mother / father death certificate
  • District medical officer's certificate on current disease (Medical report 307)
  • A full color photo of the disability's recently postcard-size
  • Evidence of pre-diagnosis (Pre-age: 26 years old) Clinical Reports, Diseases of Disease
  • Disabled orphan's affidavit

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