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To provide a service in line with the government policies, uplift the lifestyles of the society through a planned, efficient development process consisting of proper co-ordination of resources and participation of the people"
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The Divisional Secretariat of Nikaweratiya is situated in the Kurunegala district which belongs to the North Western Province. The city centre as well as the main trade centre of Nikawertiya lies on the Kurunegala Puttlam main road , about 40 Km away from Kurunegala.

The southern area of Deduru Oya belongs to the Kobeigane Divisional secretariat  and the area beyond the east border of Deduru Oya belongs to the Mahawa Divisional Secretariat. The Nothern border of Daduru Oya limits the Kotawehera Divisional Secretariat while the western border limits the Rasnayakapura divisional secretariat.

The division of Nikaweratiya is the second largest electoral division in Sri Lanka and its extent only second to the Monaragala Electoral Division. There are 04 divisional secretariats in it i.e. Nikaweratiya,Kobeigane, Kotawehara and Rasnayakapura.

This region which is famous for agriculture since the past is nourished with lakes, canals and other irrigation  systems built in the olden era, and Daduru Oya that brings prosperity to the area . It gains a bountiful harvest from coconut  and other agricultural crops and animal husbandry as well .

This division is 181 Km2 hectares in extent .The population is about 47329 and the number of families live in the area is about 14936. Apart form that it is evident that the region is being developed in other areas such as various industries , services and trade.

The two garment  factories situated in Nikaweratiya Division provide job opportunities for the youth in the area solving the unemployment problem to a certain extent.
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History of Nikaweratiya Divisional Secretariat

Nikaweratiya Division situated in Magal Othota Koralaya in Wanni Hathpaththuwa in the District of Kurunegala bears historical importance. There are twenty two Buddhist temples out of which the Budhumuththawa Raja Maha Vihara is very special. According to the legends its beginning runs to the era of King Panduwasdew. The "mukthabharana" ( a piece of jewellery made of pearl) presented to Kisagothami by  Prince Siddhartha at the time of singing "Nibbutha padha" ( Verses sung by her to praise Prince Siddhartha) was enshrined in a Dagoba and revered. It was called "Budhumukthagara" and later became "Budhumuththawa". The same legend says the two colleagues called "Dandu Shakya" and "Thruna Shakya" made a tank , together, and made a water way to take water from Daduru oya to their tank spending thousand silver cubes ("Ridee Kata"). It is called the " Ridee Bandi Ella". Later that tank was enlarged in the Era of King Mahasen and named "Magalle Wewa". Apart from that, the artifacts found in this Vihara show clearly that they belong to the 8th century A.D. The old shrine room in Budhumuththawa Temple shows the architectural characteristics in Kandyan Era. According to Professor Paranawithana Budhumuththawa means the region exempt of taxes. (" Badhu + muktha")

Nikaweratiya  Divisional Secretariat Role performed at DS Up to Now

Name From To
Mr. W.G. Dayananda                          
Mr. H.M. Sunil Padma Shantha    
Mr. W.G. Dayananda    
Mr. H.M. Karunarathna    
Mr. Ranwaththe Premasiri Appuhami     
Mr. Suraweera Manthreerathna    
Mr. S.M. Jayathilake 1995.07.10 2002.02.11
Mr. A.H.S.Wijesinghe (Act) 2002.02.14 2003.08.28
Mr. R.A.S. Jayathilake 2003.08.29 2005.09.28
Mr. T.B. Wickramasinghe 2005.09.29 2007.12.04
Mr. W.M.C.K. Wanninayaka 2007.12.05 2012.08.24
Mr. K.M.H.S.K.Jayalath (Act) 2012.08.29 2012.11.01
Mr. P. Susantha Jayathilake 2012.11.02 2016.04.06
Mr.E.M.P.Ekanayaka 2016.04.07  2019.07.31
Mr.J.M.I.R.K.Jayasundara 2019.08.08 up to now

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Independence day 2021

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Commencement of duties in the new year 2021

Commencement of duties in the new year...

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